Weekly Update - Owl #8

4th Week of Hybrid Learning

Reminder: Schedule Changes for this week

Monday - Cohort 1

Tuesday - No School, Election Day, Teacher Professional Development Day

Wednesday - Cohort 1

Thursday - Cohort 2

Friday - Cohort 2

You can access the CLOUGH NOVEMBER CALENDAR so that you can easily see when your child is scheduled to attend school. November is always a crazy month with election day, Veteran's Day, and the Thanksgiving break. I hope this calendar is helpful in planning the weeks ahead.

Picture Day

Morin's studio will be at Clough to photograph our witches and wizards this week.

Cohort 1 MONDAY

Cohort 2 FRIDAY

Please send in your photo form along with a check or cash.

Weekly Workflow Checklist

Please help your witch or wizard stay up to date on all assignment. Printing off this checklist might help him or her to feel accomplished as assignments are completed and checked off.

Workflow Checklist

Staying Healthy

There are many things we are doing to keep our witches and wizards healthy. We want nothing more than to keep our schools open and to return to "normal" as soon as possible. We are grateful to families who are joining our efforts to mitigate risk by avoiding large gatherings, wearing masks when appropriate and practicing hand hygiene.

As part of our efforts to keep Clough as safe as possible, and to adhere to CDC guidelines, classroom windows will remain open at Clough. Please dress your witch or wizard appropriately. Wearing layers that can be easily added or removed is probably the wisest idea. I hate being cold myself so I've really thought carefully about clothing I can wear that is professional, warm, and allows for the mobility I need as a teacher. Please do what you can to ensure that your child is comfortable at school.


We couldn't be more thrilled to see how STMath has taken off in our classroom. We absolutely LOVE this tool. If you haven't had an opportunity to sneak a peek over your child's shoulder as he or she plays these games, do so when you can. The games truly build a conceptual understanding of math and the children are having FUN playing them. STMath recommends that fourth-graders complete 60 puzzles weekly.

Motivated by a little Hogwarts house battle, our students have completed an average of 176 puzzles PER STUDENT this week! STMath has accumulated some fairly convincing data that shows the effectiveness of their program. We are confident that this tool will help to build all students' proficiency in mathematics.

Last week the HUFFLEPUFFS took the house cup for the most puzzles completed on average. They completed an average of 219.5 puzzles per witch/wizard!

Next week we raise the stakes. Every housemate has to complete a minimum of 60 puzzles in order for their house to qualify for the house cup competition.

Game on!


Our district has moved away from SRI to assess student reading levels. This year, we will be using a new tool called i-Ready to assess both reading and math. We like this tool a lot because it gives teachers much more data. It will tell us what a student can do (specifically) and where to intervene to help the child achieve at the next level.

The students completed the reading portion last week and will take the math portion this week. Please encourage your child to do his or her best.

So far, the results are, for the most part, consistent with what we're seeing in the classroom. We think that this will be a valuable tool in helping us to meet the needs of all learners.