What is it?

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global warming

Climate change

Climate change is also known as “global warming” and “the greenhouse effect”.

Climate change causing changes in the weather all over the world and the atmosphere that traps the suns heat and builds up artificial gases in the atmosphere.

The effects includes changes

In rainfall patterns,

A rise in the sea level,

Potential droughts,

Loss of habitat and heat stress.

STOP global warming

Some ways to stop global warming is to green commute,some ways to green commute is instead of one person going in a car and there are five cars with one person in a car, four people can go in one car wich is also known as car pooling.

Another way is to be energy efficent you can do that by turning off the lights and use that natural light like the sun in the day time.

You can also grow your own organic foods instead of using factory foods. Factory foods make pollution that goes up in the air.

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