Kylie Jenner : Explained

M. Aiken 1A


The attention that social media gives the Jenner/Kardashian family, urges Kylie to continue using her prescence to make trends, instead of making use of her influence on others. She deems it neccessary to stir the pot in order to stay relevant. Kylie would rather showcase herself in an unfavorable light, where people see her as disrespectful and ignorant rather than use her platform for a good cause.
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Because The Kardashian's claim to fame was a sex tape Kylie subconsciously feels oligated to oversexualize herself as a teenage girl.
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Kylie's "acting out" only gets her more publicity and attention, which she so desperately craves so she constantly does one taboo thing after the next to keep the limelight on her.


By Kylie growing up so fast she'll gain more life experience. Also by being overexposed by the media, her career will her career will have a better chance of flourishing at a better rate.
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Being born into a family thats known for being beautiful, Kylie felt pressures to "enhance" her beauty with the assistance of plastic surgery and makeup at a young age in order to keep up with the rest of her sisters
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The Kardashians have always beened in constant competition -from who is the prettiest, to the most successful. In order for her to be the "most famous" or "most successful" and truely make her mark, Kylie thinks of huge ideas that will draw her attention but she doesnt think about whether the attention will be positive or negative; she just runs with them regardless of the outcome.


Kylie's wild actions can be stemmed from the genes of her parents. A possible explanation would be becaue her mother, Kris Jenner, has a "cinderella attitude", Kylie applies this unhealthy happily ever after complex to real life situations causing her to get into more trouble.