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September 19, 2016 - MJS 5th Grade Newsletter

The Mayfield Minute

Mayfield Minute September 15

Join us Thursday for Back to School Night!

Dates to Remember

  • Sept. 22 -- Middle School Back to School Night, 6 p.m.
  • Sept. 25 -- Opening Mass, 4 p.m
  • Sept. 28 -- Picture Day
  • Sept. 29 -- Mass of the Holy Spirit (Concert Dress) and Student Council Installation

Getting up to speed on Schoology

Fifth graders now have access to Schoology, thanks to training they received in their technology classes. We're excited that 5th graders will be using Schoology this year to help them keep track of assignments and homework. They will continue their training on Schoology for the next several weeks in technology class until they are comfortable navigating the system.

Students do have the option to add a profile image on the system. Please remember the guidelines: Images should be school-appropriate and not the likeness of another person.

Parents have access, too. Click this Maywire Special for information on getting registered.

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Honorary member of the Robotics Club!

Thor the ferret visited the Robotics Club last Tuesday and inspired the students to think about our Animal Allies. Trainer Crystal Chen shared stories, insights and a lot of fun with our young scientists.
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Young Scientists Explore: Does the atmosphere contain oxygen?

Math Olympiad is coming

Math O is coming! It will be starting the first week in October and will be taught by Ms. Edwards Tuesday mornings at 7:15. There are a limited number of spots; more information will come soon on the Math O program and how the students will be selected.

Reminder about uniforms

Fifth graders are looking sharp in their uniforms this year! During a recent middle school assembly, 8th graders treated students to a fun fashion show that highlighted what's cool and what's not at MJS. The older kids then made and distributed posters (below) to advisories to help kids remember the guidelines.
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Brainstorming During Advisory

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At Townhall Meetings in their Advisory classes last week, 5th graders held discussions about their first three weeks of school and how it was going. A lot of good ideas and suggestions were shared. Later, students gathered in groups to come up with team names (photos above).
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Hard at work in Spanish

5th Grade Advisors

Sam Donaldson (History teacher) --

Susan Hubert (Religion teacher) --

Clara Jurczak (Math teacher) --

Mark Pattullo (Science teacher) --