Gratitude Grams

Sending Gratitude Out to the World!

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

We are learning about gratitude and want to share our gratitude with the world and see what comes back to us. But we need your help! With this letter, is a note of gratitude written by your son/ daughter. We talked a lot in class about what gratitude is and the students all thought of something meaningful that they are grateful for.

We have also talked about how if you show and send out your gratitude, it is likely to come back to you. We want to see how far our gratitude can go and what others are grateful for.

SO....Here is what we would like everyone to do!! Just Choose which platform(s) you are comfortable with: Email, Facebook, Twitter and send out your message with a request for others to send back what they are grateful for. We want to try and get our message all over the world!

When you start getting replies back...

We need to know!

We want to keep track of all the replies and see where they have come from in the world. We are going to have a world map outside the classrooms so everyone can see how far gratitude can travel and how when you put gratitude out, it can come back to you!

Please forward all email replies to

Please cut and paste, or screen shot all Facebook messages and send to

For twitter, please follow @miriamstoller and make sure to use the hashtag #grade2grateful when tweeting and/ or retweeting and make sure others do the same. If we are lucky we can get the hashtag 'trending'.

Please try and have all replies back to by October 19th.

If you have questions...

Please don't hesitate to ask your child's teacher.

Thank you for supporting this Global Connections project!

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