udl exemplary tools

What is UDL

UDL - Universal Design for Learning

Principles of UDL

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The Affective Principle: Provide multiple means of engagement

This principle addresses the "why" of learning. Learning context should offer flexibility in the domain of Engagement. Individual learning styles should be identified and instructions individualized to suit each learners learning style.

Options for Recruiting Interest

Teacher gaming network

It is an online gaming network for k-12 educators to create their own games with their content, utilizing various questions format and games styles. It has an advanced data tracking system to help motivate and stimulate student learning.

Option for sustaining effort and persistence


This is an easy and fun tool for brainstorming, it creates compelling presentations, help visual thinkers/learners to improve their study skills, organizes thought , plan goals, develop vocabulary and enhance collaboration among peers.

option for self regulation

Aim Explorer

The AIM Explorer is a free simulation that combines grade-leveled digital text with access features common to most text readers and other supported reading software.Magnification, custom text and background colors, text-to-speech (synthetic and human), text highlighting, and layout options are presented in a logical sequence to help struggling readers decide which of these supports might help them to access and understand text.

Recognition Principle: Provide multiple means of Representation

Options for Perception

A good example of Technology that support this principle is Flexicat

Zap reader

Zap reader is a free self-improvement software provided by eReflect, a web based 300% increase speed reading program that will change the way you read computer

Option for language mathematical expression and symbol

Option of Comprehension

an example of a good tool for this principle is Myon


Myon is an interactive digital library tool for reading comprehension across subject areas. It helps student cultivate a reading culture where they can extract meaning from complex text.

Strategic Principle: Provide multiple means of Action and Expression

Option for Physical Action


Bookr, a Flickrtoy created by the Pimpampum team, lets you create photobooks using Flickr images in its Creative Commons content or your own Flickr images. It also offers source for images used as Educational photos. Photobooks can be emailed, published by embedding them in a blog or other web site, or by simply publishing a link to the photobook.

Option for Expression and Communication


Animoto provides an array of tools for creating customize videos from selected images and music instantaneously and turn it to stunning video slide shows. It helps you include text to your pictures and videos and it also provides unlimited HD video creation and sharing.

Option for Executive Function


Naiku is a tool that help teachers with instructional strategy using the formative assessment to get feedback of student knowledge with wide variety of item types. It also save time with automatic scoring and instant transfer of grades to your grade book and it helps you use the formative assessment to assess your students anytime and anywhere with their cloud based solution