Nord's Newsletter

Feb. 17- 21

Spirit of Uganda Performance


Happy Birthday A. Lincoln

This week, we took time to read about our 16th President Abraham Lincoln. The students really enjoyed learning so many great facts about him. Then on Wed., I had the students list out 5-6 facts of their choice and put them on a cute Abe Lincoln foldable. The kids thought this was the 'coolest' project ever. They are easily impressed, ha.

Next week, the kids will learn more fascinating facts about another fantastic president, George Washington and discuss why President's Day is observed. I thought I'd get some of this in by Friday, 2/14, but time in the afternoon flies by.


This week reading has been a challenge. The students started taking notes on their biography person. Mrs. Froehlich and I are modeling with Wilma Rudolph-fast female athletic in 1960. Once we model taking notes on a specific topic (early life, education, young adult life, and accomplishments-one per day), then the students begin to look through their book for facts to write down. Mrs. Froehlich and I know taking notes isn't an easy task, but the students are struggling with determining what "needs" to be written down on the particular topic. Some students really haven't spent quality time reading their biography book and it shows when they don't know what to write. Please encourage some conversations at home on your child's biography person.

Next Tuesday, Mrs. Froehlich and I will be benchmarking the students in reading. A portion of reading will be spent to get the students started on what they need to do for the biography project to keep them busy while we test students.


One Friday, the students took Unit 7 test. The oral and slate portion will be given next week. Our next unit will be fractions. The expectation is higher than previously years. Not only will the students need to write/show fractional parts (4 out of 9 is 4/9ths) but they will need to compare fractions, find equivalent fractions, name quantities greater and 1 with fractions and mixed numbers and solve number stories involving fractions.

Please REMEMBER to have your child practice their multiplication/division facts either using EDM website, ipad apps, or using deck of cards. Multiplication and division facts need to be mastered by 4th grade. No more than 3 seconds to "think" of the answer to show fact fluency.


Friday, Feb.28th will be Fun Night at Jensen. Students are encouraged to donate a full size candy bar(s) and/or 6 -20 oz. sodas for some of the games for that evening. IF your child donates one or more of the items then they can put their name in a drawing for a prize (principal for the day, librarian for the day, custodian for the day, etc.)

The cost to get in the door is $7.00 for each student and that will allow the student to play all the games that evening. The doors open at 6:00pm. PTO is still looking for volunteers to help out. Please call email Lisa Graalfs if you would like to help celebrate Jensen's 50th Birthday,

Up-Coming Schedule for the Week

Monday-NO school
Tuesday- Computer lab

Valentine Party

Stack the Hearts

Picking up Hearts with Chinese Chopsticks

Marshmallow Toss

Cookie to the Mouth

Musical Chairs

The Valentine party was a blast. Kids had a ton of fun, working up a sweat before getting into their Valentines. Hope the kids enjoy their 3 day weekend and will be ready for another week of learning.