Two Party System

America Needs a Thrid Party!

What's the problem with our 2 party system?

Most people don't completly agree with Republican or Democratic views so there should be a third party to accomadate the moderates.

Whom does the problem affect?

It affects people who don't agree with the opinions of the parties that we currently have.

What American goals or values are threatened by the problem?

People have to compromise their beliefs to pick who to vote for and some people don't vote at all, which was part of the whole reason people came to america, to be free and have the goverment represnent what maters to them.

What are the causes of the problem?

The democrats and republicans are the main 2 parties and any other parties running have no real chance in winning because the democrats and republicans are much stronger parties.

What is my solution?

Add a third party thats in the middle of republicans and democrats and has more moderate views.

What are the pros and cons?


-more than 2 choices

-more people will vote

-don't have to compromise their opinions


-goverment will be more divided

-need canidates to represent

-democrats and republicans would make it hard for the third party

Why should America want a third party?

A third party is what America has been wanting. People are sick of only having a two party system and its time for a change. With a third party, more people will be voting and more people will feel represented. The democrats and republicans only represent a portion of american people. the majority of people are moderates, so shouldnt there be a moderate party?

People have shown that with a more diverse goverment, the better america would be. People would be happier and feel like their own opinions mattered and were represnented! A third party would only do good for America, just adding more choices for the people.