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Week 7- Thursday 12 March 2020

From the Principal's Desk…

Special Assembly

It was terrific to see so many of our parents at the special assembly last week. Our school captains, Archie and Charli, ran an excellent assembly with all of our grade sixes speaking so well when they thanked our State Member Cindy McLeish for the new flags. It was impressive to see so many of our students able to sing the song in the Indigenous Language of our area with Brooke Wandin.

Grade 3 – 6 House Athletic Sports

Tomorrow is our grade three – six, House Athletics Sports. Thank you to Kelly Laidlaw for all of your time and effort in preparing for this event. Also to all of the teachers who supported her. It was terrific to hear from Kelly that we had so many willing parents to assist on the day. Thank you.

Our Parent Helpers

One of the special things about working at Healesville Primary is our parent helpers and volunteers who help with all of our programs and grounds. It is lovely to wander around the school and see so many helping our students with their reading in the mornings.

International Read to Me Day

Next week on Thursday 19th March it is International Read to Me Day. Catherine Vermelfoort, our Literacy Leader, has organised for classes to buddy up with each other and share a book together. This is also an opportunity for our students to bring in their favourite toy from home to read to. They might also like to have their photo taken at home reading to a treasured pet. Catherine thought it would be nice to put all of the photos together and show them to our community through the TV in the office entrance. So if you are free on the morning of the 19th please come and join us, and please share your photos with your child's teacher.

Traffic Congestion

Today I met with the Principal from St Brigid’s and representatives from the traffic department from our local council. This was organised by one of our parents and local councillor Fiona McAlister. It was a very positive meeting that looked at the causes of traffic congestion that is experienced every school day by our parents in the streets surrounding our schools. The main concern is the safety of the students as they make their way to cars at the end of the day. We discussed possible ideas about how we could ensure their safety and relieve some of the congestion. Signage and timed parking spaces were suggested as well as surveying the parents from both schools for ideas. So watch this space – I am sure there will be more information regarding this shortly.

Family Picnic and the National Day against Bullying.

During the school day, students will participate in activities focused against bullying. Then we would like to invite all our families to come and along and share a picnic on the oval, have a fun game of cricket and catch up with everyone. The picnic will start from 4pm on Friday 20th March.

Respectful Relationships

This term there has been a strong focus on professional development for staff on the Respectful Relationship Initiative from the Education Department. On Wednesday this week Sharon Gellert, our Wellbeing Leader and Kelly Laidlaw undertook further training on the different modules, so we can teach this effectively at our school. Next week our staff and the staff from Chum Creek Primary are joining together again for another Professional Learning session. This has been rolled out to schools over the past few years. I thought it would be beneficial for our school community to read some more information regarding this. The following is the suggested information for Primary School parents.

What is Respectful Relationships?

Respectful Relationships is about tackling family violence through education.

Rosie Batty, CEO of the Luke Batty Foundation “the school community is an essential part of social reform by modelling a culture of respect through the whole school, not just by teaching respect in the classroom”.

In 2017, respectful relationships education will be taught as part of the Victorian curriculum. The Victorian Government is supporting schools to model respectful relationships across the whole school community as part of its commitment to respectful relationships education.

The Government is providing Victorian schools with a range of extra supports and resources including, new Respectful Relationships teaching and learning materials.

In the classroom, children will learn problem-solving skills, to develop empathy, support their own wellbeing and build healthy relationships with others. The initiative will also provide resources to best support children and staff who are affected by family violence.

When children build positive relationships with their teachers and peers they feel safer and happier at school, are more resilient and have positive social attitudes. Positive relationships also increase a child’s sense of social connectedness and belonging which can result in better health and academic outcomes.

Further information about Respectful Relationships is available on the Department of Education and Training website: www.education.vic.gov.au/respectfulrelationships

These age-appropriate and evidence based materials are designed to enable teachers to develop student’s social and emotional capabilities to promote positive, healthy and respectful relationships. They provide teachers with handouts and activities for students that guide classroom discussion.


I am sure all of our parents here at Healesville Primary can see the value in this program. There can be no down side to us as a team developing our students to be positive and respectful to themselves and others.

Have a lovely weekend even though it is not a long one.

Tracey Robertson-Smith



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Friday 13 March

House Athletics - Years 3 to 6 - Morrison Reserve

Tuesday 17 March

Grip Leadership Conference - Year 6 Students

School Council Meeting 6.30 pm - 9.00 pm

Thursday 19 March

National Close the Gap Day

'International Read to Me Day' : 9 - 10am

Friday 20 March

HPS Family Picnic Day 4pm onwards

Grade 4 - Water Bugs

Monday 23 March

P6I - Parent Afternoon Tea 2.30 - 3.30 pm

Friday 27 March

Last Day Term 1

Bus travellers finish at 2:15 pm

School finishes 2:30 pm

Tuesday 14 April

First Day Term 2 - Students return to school

Tuesday 21 April


From Week 5

Students of the Week

1/2G: Ty M

2B: Sophie A & Blake D

3/4K: Zoey F

3/4B: Casey S

3/4V: Nikki R

5/6S: Lachie H, Nate G & Jaxon D

5/6H: Imogen H

5/6W: Jack K, Hayden G & Ryder V

PE: Prep B, Prep H, Chelsea M & Lewis G

Week 7

Students of the Week

Prep B: Penny F

Prep H: Rosie G & Tyson C

2B: Ty H, Jasmine C & Ruby R

3/4K: Evan S

3/4V: Archie H

5/6S: Chloe B & Lyndsay M

5/6W: Gemma S & Ruby G

P6I: Jett V

PE: Sarah C (56H) Ella K (34B), Hudson M (12G) & 34V

Art: Artist of the Month - Sophie A (2B)

Sustainability Corner

Welcome to an update on our Sustainability Program.

Our gardens are now producing zucchini, cucumbers & tomatoes, along with eggs from our chooks!

A number of the grade 5/6 students have been helping in the garden with mulching, picking, watering, planting and of course taste testing.

We are looking for anyone who can assist with our program, either practically and/or advising on what and where to establish a fruit orchard.

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Dear Parents/Guardians

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otherwise you will be charged for the day.


Stacey and the team at Camp Australia at -Healesville Primary School

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