software developer


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Anyerson Guevara


The career I choose is being A SOFTWARE DEVELOPER. The reason I choose this career is because I am smart at technology And I love computers.

training and education needed

The training is not needed in software developing BUT The education needed is The BACHELOR'S DEGREE
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people developing a software

Work Enviroment

The work environment is inside a building and an office some times. The type of dressing needed is any except shorts or tanks. Sometimes people that work on this type of job work in groups and individual. Other things Developers do is they work for firms that work in computer system design.

job Description

  1. ( Salary ) you can win $48.41 an hour
  2. ( Growth opportunity ) an opportunity I could get is to also become a system developer
  3. ( Job outlook ) the outlook is that this will be needed in the future to improve the opinions and facts
  4. ( Resposibilities ) things you have to do is , be there on time, change entire development, and go back to fix my mistakes. We have to design, test, and develop softwares ,Recommend software upgrades for customers' ,Design each piece of an application or a system ,write software codes , and Ensure that a program continues to function normally.


I do love this job so I say yes I do want to stay with this job and not change it. Just like I said in the beginning I love computers and I am smart with technology. Oh one more thing ( I love money ;-)


Burea Of Labor Statics