tapered roller bearings

How to Purchase Tapered Roller Bearings?

Tapered roller bearings are part of separable bearings, and single row tapered roller bearings are the mostly used. Double row tapered roller bearings with smaller size are utilized in cars' front wheels. And how to purchase tapered roller bearings? Well, I will share some information on this issue with you.

1. Bearing seal type: bearing lubrication can be divided into oil lubrication and grease lubrication. Oil lubricated bearings generally employ form bearings while grease lubricated bearings generally adopt anti-dust cover or rubber seal. Dust cover is used in the part where the environment is with high temperature or the environment is friendly. The seal style contains contact seal and non-contact seal. The contact seal is with good anti-dust function but requires a large starting torque. Yet the non-contact seal requires small starting torque, however, the anti-dust function is not as good as the contact seal.

2.Bearing clearance: purchasers are usually only told which type and specification of tapered roller bearing should purchase. Rarely will they have request for the bearing clearance. You should find out use conditions of INA bearings. The bearing speed, temperature and tolerances are directly related to the choice of the bearing clearance. Motors with 3500 rpm usually utilize CM clearance, while high-speed motors require a relatively larger clearance. The bearing clearance will reduce because the expansion of inside holes and the shrink of outside holes after the installation. The reducing amount of clearance = magnitude of interference ¡Á 60% (except those bearings whose bearing housings are aluminum). For example, bearing clearance is 0.01mm before installation, the magnitude of interference during installation is 0.01mm, and the clearance of the bearing will be 0.004mm. Theoretically, the bearing will achieve its best conditions both in noise and use life at zero clearance, but in the actual operation, the temperature and other problems should be taken into consideration. As a result, the bearing clearance with 0.002mm-0.004mm is preferable.

3. Bearing type: bearing type is normally provided in accordance with the use conditions and the load. The load should be consistent with the selected INA bearing. If the bearing fails to meet the application requirements, its type should be changed.

4. Grease: the choice of grease is generally based on the speed, the noise, starting torque requirements and temperature conditions of tapered roller bearing which requires you to know much about the performance of a variety of greases.