The Rebel Crier

Back to School Edition - August 22, 2022

In this Issue

  • Principal's Welcome Letter
  • Bell Schedule and Red/Blue Days
  • Phones and Electronic Devices in Classrooms
  • Lanyard and ID Security Procedures
  • Student Parking (Seniors Only!)
  • Important Upcoming Dates

Daily Schedule for 2022-23

Below you will find a link to our major bell schedules for this school year. This will give you all of the timetables for regular days and modified days.

There is also a link to the special schedule for the first two days. On these days, REBEL block will meet first for ALL students. After September 7, we will begin our regular schedule.

Here's what is changing:

  • Our days are Red Days and Blue Days now, not A/B days. This mostly is because of some back office changes in PowerSchool, and we chose new labels that reflect our REBEL pride!

  • The first period of the day still begins at 7:15a.m., but school now ends at 2:05p.m. Parents/guardians who are picking students up at the end of the day should not come to campus until 2:00p.m.

  • Students must be in school for four hours to be eligible for any athletic or extracurricular activity.

Here is what's not changing:

  • Students may not be dropped off at school before 7:00a.m., when the cafeteria opens for breakfast. Students will not be allowed in the hallways until 7:05.

  • Seniors who have a study hall during the first or last period of the day may, with parent/guardian approval have late arrival or early release.

  • Students who are not in their assigned class at the bell will be marked tardy.

Phone/Electronic Device Use In Classrooms

Phones are an increasingly distracting presence in classrooms. It is part of our practices, as outlined in the student handbook that phones are not to be used in classrooms at all, unless at the direction of the teacher.

Students are required to place their phone in a backpack, classroom phone holder, or bag for the entire class, including when they may go to the restroom. Students should not be using phones except during passing times or during study halls.

Students who violate this procedure multiple times are subject to disciplinary consequences. We also ask that parents avoid texting students during class to reduce distraction, and understand that students may not access their phone until passing time.

Help us keep our students focused on the learning in class!

Student Lanyards and ID Security Procedures

We need families' support to be sure that NFHS is the safest place it can be to learn and work. Our school security procedures are put in place to provide a layer of security.

Students are REQUIRED by Board of Education policy and school practices to properly display their ID badges on the provided lanyard during the entire school day, including on the bus.

All returning NFHS students have received a badge and lanyard. Returning students should wear their lanyard and ID from last year beginning on the first day of school. 9th grade students will have their photo taken at Orientation. All students will be issued new IDs after their school photos are taken.

Throughout the year we will also be conducting ID checks before students can enter the building in the morning. A helpful hint is to have the ID wherever they keep their phone- students don't seem to ever forget those!

Students who take their ID off or do not display it properly are subject to consequences as stated in the Conduct Code, including not being able to participate in athletics and other activities on the day that they violate the policy.

If students need a replacement ID, one will be issued by the main office. After one replacement, there is a fee of $10 to replace student IDs.

Please remind your students that at almost all places of employment and where security is of the utmost importance, it is standard to wear a form of ID. When they go off to college, they will also likely need an ID to gain access to their dorm and even academic buildings!

Student Parking- Seniors ONLY

Parking on campus will remain limited due to construction, and we will in fact have fewer spaces than this year. Here's what you need to know:

  • Class of 2023 students will be able to park in lower lots only, by lottery.
  • Class of 2023 students who were cited more than once for parking on campus last year will be moved to the bottom of the lottery list
  • There is no "upper lot" parking for any students in the 2022-2023 school year
  • There will be no parking available for any students in the class of 2024 or 2025

Class of 2023 students should check their email for a message from Mr. Chapleau with more detailed information about how to register, fees, etc.

Morning Drop-Off Reminders

We will follow the same traffic pattern for drop-offs this year. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Students should exit vehicles in the right lane all the way along the concrete barrier. This will help move traffic along more quickly!
  • Students should only exit from the passenger side of vehicles
  • Students should be ready to exit vehicles, and have belongings gathered.
  • Remember that unless there is someone directing traffic, all vehicles must STOP before making the left turn into the exit drive.

We appreciate your help and cooperation in making drop-off as safe and efficient as possible!

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Thursday, 9/1: Freshman Orientation & Link Crew
  • Tuesday, 9/6: First Day of School!
  • Wednesday, 9/7: 10th & 11th Grade School Photos
  • Wednesday, 9/7: Fall Sports Parent Meeting- 7:00 in Auditorium
  • Thursday, 9/22: NFHS Open House- 6:30pm
  • Wednesday, 10/5: No School- Yom Kippur
  • Wednesday 10/12: PSAT for Grade 9, 10, & 11 (In School)
  • Wednesday 10/12: Afternoon/Evening Conferences
  • Wednesday 10/12: Morning Conferences