Rotation and Revolution

By: Bill Mitrousis

What is Revolution?

Revolution means that you are going to go around 1 time. For example, the Earth will revolve around the sun and it's going to take 1 year. It's January 1 and the earth is at the first side, 6 months later, it's at the other side now, another 6 months, it's at the first side that equals 1 year.

Rotation of the Earth

The Earth rotates every 24 hours that means one rotation is 1 day. It spins really slowly and never stops. It's rotating because the sun needs to give us heat and light if we face it. It rotates and revolves around the sun and never ever stops.

Day and Night

Day is important because we need heat and light from the sun and stay alive. If the first halve is facing the sun, it's day. If it not it's night. For example, day is 7:00 AM-6:00 PM, and night is 6:00 PM- 7:00 AM. At night we could see the beautiful stars and the shiny moon, night could be important like day.
Rotation and Revolution of Earth | Educational Video for Kids