InRoads Business Breakfast

November 18th 7-8 AM

What is InRoads?

The Franklin High School InRoads program was launched in 2014. The InRoads program allows students to individualize their learning and decide what career/ career field they want to pursue. InRoads also prepares students for the world of work by teaching students skills such as professionalism, networking and proper communication among others. Throughout the year, students in the business strand will explore domestic and global business operations, economic and cultural factors, political systems and the influence of marketing within the global economy. Students in this strand are their generation’s future Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.


The goal of InRoads is to expose students to explore possible careers in the InRoads strands which include Business, Biomedical, Engineering and Digital Communication. Another goal that Inroads has is to help students gain more experience with mentorship opportunities. Exposing students with mentorship opportunities will better prepare them for the future and make the process of choosing a college, career and major less stressful.