Police officer

a career with an associates degree by Mariana Covarrubias

A better look at a police officer

If you ever dreamed of protecting someones life and having people look up to you then you might be interested in being a police officer. To have a career as a police officer it is only required to have an associates degree. Police officers maintain order, catch lawbreakers, and help prevent crimes. They also incorporate a high level of skill and professionalism

Job salary

Police officers with a associates degree earn about $45,210 a year. More experienced police officers with a higher degree earn $56,000 a year.

Job outlook for 2020

Job outlook for police officers in 2020 is expected to grow 11%. a more security-conscious society and population growth will contribute to the increasing demand for police services (careerplanner.com)

Universities that provide this education

  • Grand Canyon University
  • Kaplan University
  • Dallas Police Academy