Kingdoms of Africa

By: Jordan Nugent

The Kingdom of Ghana

Location- The Kingdom of Ghana is located in the upper Niger River valley, between the Sahara and the tropical forests along the West African coast.

Government- The kings of Ghana were strong rulers who governed without any laws. They relied on an army of thousands of men to protect their kingdom and enforce their wishes.

Economy- Most people of Ghana were farmers. Ghana had an abundant supply of iron ore and gold. Ghana's gold made it to the center of a trade empire.

Collapse- The Kingdom of Ghana was weakened by many wars and it collapsed during the 1100s.

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The Kingdom of Mali

Location- Mali is located on the Atlantic coast, but it also extends far inland to the famous city of Timbuktu.

Government- Sundiata defeated the Ghanians and captured their capital. He then united the people of Mali and created a strong government.

Economy- Mali built it's wealth and power on the gold and salt trade, but most of the people were farmers.

Collapse- By 1359, the civil war had divided Mali.

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The Kingdom of Songhai

Location- The Kingdom of Songhai is located along the Niger River and East of Timbuktu.

Government- In 1464, Sunni Ali created a new dynasty called the Sunni, and under his leadership, Songhai began to expand.

Economy- The empire prospered because of the salt and gold trade.

Collapse- After the reign of Muhammad Ture, Songhai began to decline. Near the end of the sixteenth century, the forces of the sultan of Morocco occupied much of Songhai.

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