Jenny B The Booster

With my Jenny B's Booster Double Your Sales System, you will discover these closely guarded secrets:

    Module 1 - Bookings & Host Packets
  • How to use a Booking Blitz to fill your calendar
  • What to include in your Host Packet to have a wildly successful party
    Module 2 - Guest List & Invites
  • How to get that guest list while the host is in their most enthusiastic moments
  • The psychology of the invitation to attract those attendees interested in purchasing your products, booking a party, or even joining your team
    Module 3 - Party Preparation
  • How to prepare the right way to maximize your party's success
  • What to do to help your customers feel comfortable with your catalog to they will order
  • The secret to "one-liners" that create curiosity that leave your customers wanting more
  • Incentives, prizes and gifts that will motivate guests to ACTION including Recruiting Dollars, and Book to Look incentives
  • The proven steps for being prepared to encourage bookings
  • The single best way to find those interested in learning about your opportunity
    Module 4 - Party Time!
  • What to say and DO during the party, and just as important what NOT to do
  • How to create that relationship with your customers that sets you apart
  • Tips to help you be more intuitive to your customers' needs and problems
  • The insider secrets to position your checkout procedure to boost your results
    Module 5 - The After Party!
  • Maximizing the results of the party, and a way to make more money after the party is over
  • The hidden power from analyzing the results
  • The importance of the Thank You
  • and much, much more...!