Fashion of the 1930's

After the stock market crash, people tried to avoid buying the expensive clothes of the 1920's. Many People fixed up their old clothes with furs and fabrics to mend up the clothes. They had many new ideas how to style clothes while saving money from the stock market crash.

Men's Fashion

Men's fashion wasn't affected in the stock market as much as women's was. The most noticeable change was the range of colors. Plaid and stripes were very popular at the time. Neckties were wide with bold geometric patterns. The "Drape Cut" suit became more popular, it had softer material and was more flexible then previous suits, It also had broad shoulders that created a v-shape of the torso making it look bigger, enhancing their figure. Men mostly wore fedoras, often tipped down over one eye.

Womens Fashion

For women, things changed more drastically. Women's fashion was characteristically long and sleek. It was more sophisticated then previous fashion. The hemlines of their skirts dropped to the ankle, which is completely different from the previous flapper dresses they wore. Women also wore brimmed hats, worn at an angle, and gloves when they left the house that usually matched their shoes and handbags. They had fairly pale skin and wore rouge and lipsticks.
1930s Fashion - Fashion and Design during the Depression

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