By: Mallory & Savannah

Six steps of the Naturalization Process:

1. signing a statement saying you want to become a US citizen

2. live in the US for 5 years

3. interview to see in they meet necessary requirements

4. take a citizenship exam

5. pledges an oath of allegiance

6. sign a documents and is declared a citizen

The loss of Citizenship:

Denaturalization: the loss of citizenship through fraud or deception during the naturalization process.

Expatriation: giving up one’s citizenship by leaving one’s native county to live in a foreign county.

Punishment for a crime: when convicted of certain federal crime you may lose citizenship.

Illegal Alien:

Aliens that were refused permission to immigrate or just didn’t even apply but live here anyway.

What is a legal Alien and what can they do?

A legal alien has permission to be a US resident. They live lives much like Americans, they hold jobs, own property, attend schools, receive government services and pay taxes.