Boston Bakery

by Savannah & Kenzie

6 Business Activities

1. Generating Ideas

Our bakery will be famous for our cupcakes and our amazing coffee. We will also serve pastries and breakfast foods. This business started out as a college bakery sale to raise money for the Children Hospital and our cupcakes and coffee were a hit. We then moved to Boston to build an actual Bakery on the corner of Lincoln Street and Surface Road.

2. Raising Capital

After our college bake sale, we raised money by having car washes, we both worked part-time jobs, we had other bake sales to fund raise, we sold numerous homemade pastries at athletic sporting events, and both of our families helped invest.

3. Employing and Training Personnel

At first, we started out as two families in one business and as our business grew, we hired actual employees. We put up help-wanted flyers, we put ads in the newspaper, and put out many help-wanted signs. We carefully chose our employees by interviewing them individually and then interview them in groups to see how well they work with others.

4. Buying Goods and Services

We buy all our supplies and some food from the Mjkellner services. They provide us with our coffee beans, and then we brew it here at our bakery. They also give us our ingredients for our cupcakes and pastries. MjKellner supplies us with our icing for our cupcakes. They give us all our breakfast food to. Examples would be french toast, omelets, and pancakes. we supply our own fruit and beverages. We buy all our machinery from Dick Van Dike.

5. Marketing Goods and Services

The first week in Fall out of every year we sell Our homemade pumpkin pies and our original pumpkin spice latte. We advertise them on a bulletin on a build board downtown the week before. We also announce our weekly sales on the radio every Monday.

6. Maintaining Business Records

There will be a large sign on the window for our special of the day. The menu will be displayed on the wall behind the workers and we distribute little menus to each costumer that walks in. We keep a business computer in the back that keeps track of all our sales and purchases.

Business Ownership

Our business is considered a partnership because there are two equal owners.

The advantages-

  • Two people invest in the business.
  • Get more ideas from two people than just one.
  • The work is split equally.
The disadvantages-

  • There's no protection for personal assets.
  • If a partner leaves or dies the partnership is dissolved.
  • If one of the owners can't make it a day it's more work and stress for just one person.

Business Goals

1. Every time someone makes a purchase and then leaves, when the door opens it rings so we know that they are walking out and we know to say thank you.

2. To encourage people to work there we have an employee of the month each month.

3. To satisfy every costumer and make sure they get there food nice and hot. We will be sure to fix any problems right away, we hire the best there is.

4. There will be employees standing outside the bakery handing out flyers for our sales for that week.

5. On anyone's birthday they get a free cupcake and all our workers sing to them.

6. Eventually get to the point where buyers can get a rewards card.

Organizational Chart

Please come and visit our Bakery!