Science Fair

Are you film-ly sure about your personality?

An investigation of personality types and movie genres

By: Julia Holloway and Anna Han


  • Extrovert (E) or introvert (I) : outside kind of person or inside kind of person?

  • Sensing (S) or intuition (N): focus on details or the bigger picture?

  • Think (T) or feeling (F): When making decisions, do you think about it and look at the pros and cons or go with your gut feeling?

  • Judging (J) or perceiving (P): Do you plan out deadlines and do your work ahead of time or procrastinate?

  • Personality is based on one of 4 letters

  • 16 different personality types according to the myers briggs test


  • Take pride in what they do

  • research, analyze, and check their facts

  • prefer to work alone

  • Do what they can to get the job done

  • Tell the truth the truth regardless the consequences


  • Careful and precise

  • Very humble

  • very kind

  • Go above and beyond in their responsibility

  • Helpful


  • Creative

  • Enjoy helping others

  • Soft spoken, but have strong opinions

  • sensitive

  • In a conflict, they can find themselves stressed exhausted


  • Enjoy sharing their knowledge

  • Logical

  • Independant

  • Ask themselves, “is this going to work?” question

  • Knowledgable and confident


  • Adventurous

  • Curious

  • Very “hands on”

  • Can be hard to understand

  • Friendly but hard to understand


  • Gentle

  • Loyal

  • Enjoy connecting with others

  • Can take constructive criticism, but if comments are immature, then they can lose their tempers

  • Are very selfless, but can sometimes get self-centered but their selflessness.


  • Compassionate

  • Conceptual

  • Express themselves through metaphors and fictional characters

  • Contemplate the hypothetical and physiological

  • Independant


  • Intellectually curious

  • Take pride in their creativity

  • Known for their brilliant theories

  • Considered most logically precise out of all personality types

  • Big fear of failing


  • Easy going

  • Spontaneous

  • Love to have a good time and be the center of attention.

  • Enjoy drama, passion, and pleasure because it is interesting to their logical minds

  • Sometimes find themselves get caught up in the moment and go too far


  • Practical

  • Social

  • Love the “spotlight”

  • Strongest aesthetic sense (loves fashion)

  • Like drama and passion, but don’t when when if focuses on the criticism it can bring

  • Complex analysis, repetitive tasks, and matching data points don’t go well with ESFPs


  • Free spirits

  • Social and energetic

  • Always looking for deeper meanings

  • Know how to relax

  • Observant

  • Highly emotional

  • Easily stressed

  • Overthinks a lot


  • Shreds through arguments and beliefs

  • Good understanding of other ideas

  • Original

  • Like to brainstorm

  • Insensitive

  • Argues very much


  • Dedicated

  • Unbiased

  • All about social status’

  • Hard-Shelled

  • Understands what right, wrong, and accepted

  • Judgmental

  • Don't work alone


  • “Popular”

  • Extremely supportive and outgoing

  • Altruist

  • Does anything meaningful as long as they’re appreciated

  • Obsessed about social status


  • Passionate

  • Charismatic

  • Love guiding others to help benefit themselves and the world

  • Courageous

  • Can get caught up in others business

  • Overly Selfless


  • Confident leaders

  • Rational

  • Arrogant

  • Don’t handle emotions well

  • Ambitious


The purpose of the experiment was to help the participants better understand

themselves. The participants were be able to evaluate their own Meyer’s

Briggs personality type and what type of movie genres they are interested in.

The objective was to make the test and survey beneficial to the participants by

extending their knowledge on their personality. It is always helpful to know

what kind of personality the individual has. For example, having the

knowledge of that type of information can benefit the individual by helping

them determine their career choice.


It is predicted that your personality does affect what movies you like

Parts of the Experiment

Dependent variable- Type of movies liked
Independent variable – People that participated in the experiment
Control – organisms or things that do not receive the variable
Experimental group-organisms / things that do receive the variable
Factors held constant- The Meyer’s Briggs Test and the movie genre test.


  • No less than 25 people

  • Internet

  • Computer or Device

  • Meyers Briggs Test

  • Favorite Movie Genre Test

  • Human participant form

  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

  • Google form


  1. Get human participation forms.

  2. Create a google form asking what type of movies the person is interested in and what personality letters they got on the Meyers Briggs test.

  3. Go online and find the Meyers Briggs Personality test.

  4. Go on Facebook or any kind of social media and make a new post.

  5. On the new post, upload the human participant forms and Copy/paste the links of the Meyers Briggs test and the google form you made.

  6. Write on the post that you need as many people as possible to fill out all 3 surveys/forms and that they need to print the participant form and give it to you. Post the post that has all off that information on to the social media. Wait till you have all of the data you need.


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There were no trends observed. The movie genres were spread throughout different personalities and there was no correlation with the movies and personalities. The data table shows every personality has a different favorite movie genre, thus making no correlation at all. For example, the action movies are favorites amongst ⅝ of the personality types. This shows that the type of personality does not affect what kind of movies a person likes. It just depends on what the individual enjoys. In conclusion, since there is no type of correlation in the data, it depends on the individual and their likings. A person could have the a tough personality but still enjoy romance movies. Having a tough personality does not mean the movie genre has to match their personality.


The hypothesis was incorrect. The objective of this experiment was to analyze whether or not there is a correlation between personality types and movie discretion. Through this project, there was no trend observed, meaning there is no connection with personality types and movie likings.

Sources of Error and Inaccuracies

The Sources of Error and Inaccuracies can result from computer malfunctions or

a lack of options when selecting a favorite genre. When submitting data from the

survey, the computer might glitch, causing the information to possibly not send.

With the possibility of having the data not submit, the subject might re-submit and choose a different result. Another possibility is that the subject thinks it didn’t

submit when it actually did. This causes extra data. Also, some people may have

to go with different choices than what they actually like to watch because their

favorite genre was not an option. Lastly, others may choose not to participate

honestly and they select random options on the survey.


Part of this experiment consists of learning your personality type. Learning your personality type helps with your future and understand yourself. If you’re an Extrovert, exploring jobs that consist more of speaking may suit you better. Learning your personality type will also show where your weak spots are. Doing this will allow you to practice and become better well-rounded. Knowing the personality type an individual is can help determine one’s major or minor. This is very helpful and important for the future.


The experiment could have been better prepared by making a more organized procedure. A procedure that can assure that every person returns the human consent form is highly recommended. One must maintain efficient time management when working with human participants. One can expand on the experiment by comparing different genders, their personality types, and movie discretion.


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