Connections in Literature and Time

By: Katie, Josh, and Andres

1850-1890 (katie)

the Civil War and "the Lady and the Tiger"

During the civil war the attitude of the nation was no mercy, and in the short story "the lady and the tiger" the king has no mercy toward the men. During the civil war everyone knew someone who was fighting or who was involved in the war. everyone felt loss, and everyone felt grief. in the short story the princess felt grief and loss she had stayed up the whole night before, the love of her life was about to choose another girl or get mauled by a tiger.
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1890-1910 (andres)

Immigration and "The yellow wallpaper"

Was really really big in immigration and how people were treated based on where they are from and what they look like but the immigrants choose to stay anyways because they thought they would be able to get a more fair and comfortable life.but the country ended up being gilded which completely backfired on the immigrants and made them actually feel uncomfortable.and that can relate to the story, “ the yellow wallpaper” because even though the room is supposed to be relaxing and peaceful,she actually ends up very very frustrated with the room and feel uncomfortable thanks to the wallpaper which can relate on how the immigrants during this time period felt.
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1910-1930 (josh)

Modernism and "How it Feels to Be Colored Me"

The time period in between 1910-1930 was very culturally-charged. There were lots of notable events taking place, such as the fight for woman's rights, the aftermath of the Civil War and beginning of WWI, and many technological advancements. These events brought forth the age of Modernism in literature. Modernists believed in breaking away from the ideals of the past and moving on to something new and better. This is exemplified in the story, "How it Feels to Be Colored Me," because the narrator displays qualities of self-confidence and intelligence that in the past people would never have believed could have come from a "colored woman."

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The similarities between all of the time periods and each short story is change. during each time period there is a general idea or belief that society believes in, but the author challenges. In "The Lady and the Tiger," the author believes that the time for the abundance of pain, grief, and loss to come to an end. In "How it Feels to Be Colored Me," the author simply acts as herself and doesn't abide by social norms and believes that others should start doing the same.