December Staff Birthdays

The Heights Child Development Center

This Month's Birthday Celebration will be Thursday, December 10th!

Happy December Birthday to ....

1 – Barbara Grotrian

2 – Vanessa Leach

5 – Sue “Mimi” Moore

9 – Nicole Broeckel

25 – Antonia Locke

30 – Michelle Villarreal

On Thursday, December 10th, we will celebrate the December birthdays in the big kitchen if you wish to participate. There will be a basket available for each person if anyone wishes to bring a few of their favorite things ....

....oh, by the way! Favorite Things have been posted on our website for each teacher. Simply go to and look in the sidebar about halfway down for the links. If you are viewing on a mobile phone, you will have to go to the "full site" in order to see the sidebar, not the mobile view. There are also copies available at the front desk.

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