While in Athens, we heard the story of Paul's speech to the Athenians in Acts 17. The speech involved several examples of a powerful speech such as conciseness, relating to the audience, and being centered. However, the thing I found the most interesting was when Paul quoted a figure he knew would be relevant to the physical location he was in. I thought this showed an understanding of his audience and the significance of his subject.

I also saw several different forms of communication in modern Athens. The most notable one I saw was how the taxi drivers all communicated with each other. When a large group of us had to take several taxis, all the taxi drivers would get out of the car and make sure they all knew the correct location to take us. I also witnessed taxi drivers who were fluent in Greek and English be sure that a driver who only spoke Arabian was confident in where we needed to go, overall displaying a strong level of camaraderie.