Chromebooks 101

What to expect when using Chromebooks with your students

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop running Chrome OS as its operating system. The devices are designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet, with most applications and data residing "in the cloud".

Essentially, anything you can do on the internet you can do on a Chromebook. Think of it as a laptop that runs and operates off the internet. Without an internet connection the Chromebook will not work. One key thing to consider as well is Java. If the website requires Java, it will not run correctly on a chromebook as Java is not supported.

Introducing the Chromebook

Log-in Information

Staff and students will log in to Chromebooks using their Cabarrus Google Apps account. Everyone has been provided a Google account which is set up for you.

**This should be one of the only times students are using the account. We should be encouraging our students to use Office 365 for their cloud account instead of Cabarrus Apps.

Staff Username: firstname.lastname

Staff Password: Same as email and computer log in password

Student Username: f l a s t 4 3 2 1

  • f = first letter of first name
  • last = whole last name
  • 4321 = last 4 digits of student ID number

Student Password: Whole student ID number

(Rarely, a student *may* need to enter a full email address to access their Google Account. This will be their Please note, this is different from their Office 365 account which is their

Chromebooks for Education Overview

What a Chromebook Can/Cannot Do


  • Do internet research
  • Use webtools to create work products (see below)
  • Access and use Office 365 to use Microsoft Word Online, Excel online, PowerPoint online, One Drive, and more!
  • Collaborate - students can use the share feature to collaborate on group projects within Google Drive or Office 365.
  • Student Feedback - students can share work with you through Google Drive or Office 365 and you can provide feedback within the document or by using the comment feature.


  • Java: Like an iPad, websites and apps requiring Java will not run correctly on a Chromebook.
  • Microsoft Office Suite - When using a Chromebook, you will not have access to Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or Excel software. You can access these apps online through Office 365 . These software packages are not able to be installed on a Chromebook because it does not have a hard drive. An alternative is to use the apps through Google Drive (Docs, Slides, Sheets). These apps automatically save work for students and are accessible from any device.
  • Software Install - iMovie, KidPix, etc will not work and are able to be installed on Chromebooks. Instead, students will use web tools available online to create work.

Webtools for Creating Work Products

Click here to access a list of webtools students can use for creating content on a chromebook. Please test the webtool you want your students to use before implementing. One thing to watch for is Java. If the webtool requires Java (like it will not run on the chromebook.

Also, you will want to check the user agreement policy. Some sights have an age requirement which may exclude our students from being able to use that tool.