Minecraft Lessons (Invite Only)

Use the blocks that connect your brain to your body!


I love Minecraft and i have seen so many people that don't know how to play properly. I think that everyone (The people i chose) should get a chance to play better.


If you receive a message from coop152@hotmail.com (me), reply asking for the server IP (It is a public server). I will answer you.

The Rota?

So far this is the rota:

Saturday, 2.50pm: Vacant Slot

Sunday, 3.00pm: Vacant Slot

Next Saturday, 2.50pm: Vacant Slot

Next Sunday, 3.00pm: Vacant Slot

Saturday after that, 2.50pm: Vacant Slot

Sunday after that, 3.00pm: Vacant Slot

You will get a lesson every three weeks.