mary bara should be recognized

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into the buisness

Mary Barra always loved cars and chose to enroll as a co-op student and graduated is 1985. soon, she became a senior engineer in GM's Pontiac Fiero plant and later on, she was awarded a GM fellowship to attend Stanford university, but she returned to GM to become manager of manufacturing planning.

moving up

in 1996, she was promoted to executive assistant. people could see that she could work well with others. she kept getting promoted to head of human resources, senior vice president of global product development and even head of global purchasing. eventually she took over as CEO of general motors and finally she became the first women to helm an automaker.


she was admired for her ability to work will spending time with her family. her working a GM for three decades was noticed as an asset. she also inspired people when she lead the company's internal communications when it needed to be repaired.


she is a very inspirational person. I know I was inspired. being the first women to do something would be an honor. I think she would make the perfect person of the year. I hope she wins your vote. I know she won mine. vote for Mary Barra...
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