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In 1878 George Easton was the first person to invent the dry plate. The dry plate did not have to be wet to be developed. It can be exposed and developed when they wanted it to be. He had a mass-production for the dry plate that he invented. In 1881 Easton formed an Eatson Dry Plate Company and quit his other job to work full time at his new company. His company was in Rochester, NY

What it is and how it works

In 1889 the Kodak camera had the first comercial transport roll fill. By 1891 they made a Kodak camera that you don't have to reload the film in a dark room. The Folding Pocket Kodak camera was considered the ancester of all modern roll-film cameras.

Kodak's slogan- " You press the button- we do the rest" ( This was the birth of snapshot!)

Brownie Camera-$1 per film and $0.15 per roll

George's young life

Youngest out of 3 children and born to Maria Kilbourn and George Washington Eastman on July 12, 1854 in the village of Waterville. After his fathers death the faily became very poor. He dropped out of Highschool. One out of the sisters was handicap. At age 14 he started working as an office boy in an insurance company and then he became a clerk in a local bank.