Lake Shore Bulletin

Week of September 8th

Welcome Back Lake Shore Family!!!!!!

We are moving rapidly through the timeline to get more students in the schools as everyone is doing a wonderful job of staying safe. Beginning September 21 and going through October 2, we will have 50% of the students in the buildings for half days. See the detailed information in the Teaching and Learning section of this newsletter. Thank you to all parents and staff for sending us the feedback form that helped us reach this decision. The parents indicated that their children are very comfortable with being in the buildings and learning in person. We are excited to welcome more students into each school. We must stay vigilant with our safety measures. First and foremost, wearing our masks properly and keeping 6 feet or more apart are very important.

Email hotline:

There is an email hotline for all to use. If you have any questions regarding Covid 19 as it pertains to school, please email and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Food service update

All breakfasts and lunch are free to all students through 12/31/20

Pick up breakfast and lunch meals

Days: Mondays and Thursdays

Times: 11:15 am - 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Location: On 13 mile road in front of Lake Shore High School

Who: ALL children

The Lake Shore Bulletin will be sent home weekly with important updates and information from each of the committees that worked on the Return to School Plan.

The committees are: Teaching and Learning, Safety and Social Emotional Learning.

Teaching and Learning

The phased in return to in person learning will move to the next step beginning Tuesday, September 22nd.

  • Students will be in class two half days per week instead of one.
  • A student who attended on Tuesday or Thursday will now attend BOTH Tuesday and Thursday.
  • A student who attended on Wednesday or Friday will not attend BOTH Wednesday and Friday.
  • We continue HALF DAYS of in person instruction for weeks 3 and 4 (Sept. 21 - Oct. 2)
    • Students have remote learning activities, including live connections and office meetings on the days they are not schedule in the buildings and in the afternoons of half day in building.

Mondays will be a remote learning day for ALL groups. Please check the calendars shared by your building as well as the Weekly Agendas posted by the classroom teachers.

Instructional Kits

We are excited to provide learning activities that do not require technology by providing all K-5 students, hybrid and 100% virtual, with at home learning kits. . The kits contain general school supplies (crayons, scissors, pencils, glue, etc.), white boards, math and literacy workbooks, as well as grade level manipulatives and materials (deck of cards, dice, maps, etc.). The kits will come in a Lake Shore bag large enough to store all learning material, including Chromebooks. Teachers will be introducing these materials slowly when best suited to instruction. Please watch for communication from your building regarding pick up times for virtual students. Hybrid students will have their learning kits sent home on a day they are scheduled in the building. We anticipate these to be available early next week.

Parent information for Schoology below.

With students engaged in remote and virtual learning, understanding district technology, having logins for our platforms and systems, purchasing Chrome book insurance, and knowing how to navigate the Chrome Book are more important than ever. The best place to begin is on the Lake Shore Public Schools Technology website, where you will find the help desk email as well as a variety of great technology support. Check it out!


As we have received feedback from the staff, the students are doing a great job of following the safety protocols in place. They understand that following them is important so we can stay in person at school. Thank you to all the parents for making sure your children have masks and wear them. The schools are consistently being sanitized during the day and throughout the night. The custodial staff is working diligently and are dedicated to keeping each building safe and clean for all who enter. Let's all continue to do our part to remain safe.

Please remind your children, as they exit the buildings, to move along and not to gather in large groups. Let's all stay safe.

We have had a wonderful start with our medical assistants joining us and becoming acclimated to the Lake Shore Family.

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Social Emotional Learning

The Social Emotional Committee

We continue to see our students doing very well in our buildings.They are in good spirits and are happy to be in school. Many of the issues that we had last week have been addressed and alleviated. The virtual students are doing well as they face some technology issues due to the multitude of users all over the country. That said, they too are happy to have more guidance and time with their teachers as they meet virtually.

Lake Shore Public Schools Information

Please contact us for any questions or issues you may have. Again, the hotline email for Covid related issues is,