By Jorge Marion

Astronaut At The International Space Station

Astronauts are highly trained scientists, engineers, or other professionals that are sent into space to explore space with the use of the International Space Station.

Dangers, Advantages and Travels

There are many dangers in being an Astronaut, like getting lost in space or not having enough oxygen, but it is very rare for these things to happen. The advantages of being an Astronaut are being able to see views that no one on Earth has seen and being in space. The travels an Astronaut must make is to the International Space Station located in Earth's orbit.


Most astronauts have a bachelor's degree in mathmatics, engineering or other sciences. Additional mental and physical training is required before the asrtonaut is sent into space. These requirements can be fufilled by The University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, and many other colleges.


An Astronaut's salary normally ranges from $56,000 and $106,000 annually.
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