Fashion & Architecture in 1930's

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Women's Fashion in the 1930's

Women's fashion in the 1930's was very modest and form-fitting. Outfits back then were based around girls with small waist and hips, but since most did not fit that, designers made outfits that drew attention to shoulders by puffy fabric and shoulder pads. During this era, zippers became a staple in finishing a garment. They cost even less than buttons. One unique house dress variation was the reversible house wrap dress, called a “hooverette.” The “hooverette” was the perfect daily dress. With two sides, it was two dresses in one.

Men's Fashion in the 1930's

In the 1930’s the athletic body seen in boxers and superman became the ideal men’s shape. Clothing reflected this new shape with extra broad shoulders, thin waists, and tapered legs.¨V” shapes were very common in men wear. Flat Caps, also known as Ivy caps and newsboy caps among other names became popular in the 1920’s and remained popular through the 1930’s. Men’s swimsuits went shirtless. Now swim trunks, high-waisted shorts, with a white webbed belt were

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright is known for creating the idea of “organic architecture,” which means using nature and incorporating it into his buildings. He has designed over 1,000 buildings and has constructed a good number of them. He is known as the “greatest architect in the 20th century" and the best architect in America. He designed residences and public buildings; for example, the “Prairie School” of architecture. His most famous work from this school is the Robie House in Chicago and the Unity Temple in Oak Park.


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