Chapter22 "North and West Africa"

Josue Urbina


Egypt religious culture

Islam is the mayor religion in Egypt.Egypt is across the red sea from Arabia saudi.

Diversity of life in Egypt

Many people move from rural areas to the city.In the rural areas people live across the nile river and suez canal.Most villegers make their living by farming others in their fields.

Muslim beliefs

For muslim quran contains the word of God.They pray five times a day.


Ethinc groups

Sahara covers almost all south. Thats why fewer people lives there.Berbersand arabs nomad have survived.

Arabs and Berbers in the present

Both are mixed and muslims.Most berbers speak berber abd arabic.Many berber and arabic also speak frech because of it history.They both learn form each other peacefully how to live.



In 1914 Great Britain had taken over the government of NiGERIA.All etnic groups become part of a nation when Nigeria get independence.


The Hausa and the Fulani make up about 33 percent of nigerians people,most of them are muslim.Hausa built cities at the crossroad of trade routes.An example of Hause is Kano the oldest city in west africa.



In 1957,Nkrumah gave a moving speechto his people.Nkrumah became the leader of the new country and after being the leader he became the president.Ghana was the first African south colony of the Shara to became independent.


When the Akan give power to the new leader,they also give a warning,all that because they are the largest ethnic group in Ghana,it the leader doees not rule correctly they can give power to a new ruler.That means that Akan have a democratic system.
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