Owl Notes


INFORMATION ... Updates from the district

*Building Information - Dr. Null has asked us to scale way back on the number of folks in the building and/or on sight. Our building will be open Monday from 10-1 for packet and community pick up only. After this morning, the building will be closed to staff until further notice. If you find yourself in a bind and need in as a one time emergency, please text me and we will talk about it.

*Report Cards - If you have not checked grades, you MUST do that and email Virginia today. Report cards will be pulled and posted tomorrow morning. Parents can access grades through Parent Access. Please help me communicate this with parents.

*Zoom - The district is working with Zoom to see if we can streamline and put a link through Canvas for you to access which will in the long run, be a better protection for your students. Until then, when you communicate with parents this week, just simply have them email you that their child has permission to participate in learning via Zoom. Something simple like "I (parent name) give permission for my child (child name) to participate via Zoom for remote learning. I understand that the account must be in my name and I will give my child permission to use the account. The other big conversation has been about making sure that students know they have to be appropriately dressed (shirt required for boys, etc.) and that no inappropriate backgrounds are utilized. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE PERMISSION VIA EMAIL FROM PARENTS FOR YOUR STUDENTS TO BE PARTICIPATING VIA ZOOM.

*Lisa McGarrah is available on Wednesday @ 1 for a zoom conference with whoever wants to join and ask her questions. She sent you an email but here is the Zoom code for it. 223-881-447

*In Google, I have created a folder inside the ORE folder called COVID - 19. I'm doing my best to house everything in abbreviated format in there. So far we have Teacher Expectations, Creative Teaching Ideas and Planning schedules with Zoom conference numbers.

*Staff attendance - If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot work remotely one day at all, you will need to report an absence into the system. If you have a question, please contact me before putting it in the system.


If you have a campus laptop and/or document camera at home with you to work, you must email Jeanie Wyatt the number of the computer and document camera. We have to make sure we are keeping track of all of technology.

SELF CARE - Teacher Fun

Check out the workspaces below. Try to guess who belongs to each space. If you haven't emailed me a picture, do so by Tuesday of next week and I'll have a new group of pictures for next week.

The winner who guesses the most will get jeans passes good for the 2019 - 2020 year OR the 2020 - 2021 year.


Here is a link to what the Hoot Owl will look like Monday. After this Monday, there will be less informational items included.


ZOOM MEETINGS - 757-124-0373

Team Leader Meetings will be weekly on Monday @ 11:00 a.m.

Wednesday grade levels Zoom planning.

Any other Zoom conferences needed will be schedules with Team Leaders.


*Absences currently in the system - If you have created an absence in the system between March 23 - April 13, you need to go in the system and cancel it. Please do this by Friday.


*Jeanie Wyatt and Shelby Harvey - for gathering all the chromebooks for Monday check out and organizing the process.

*Diana White - for being our copy lady today!

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