One Team, One DREAM!

The Humble ISD Education Foundation 2017 - 2018

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Pine Forest Elementary's Goal this Year

Participation: 100%

Campaign: October 1st - 31st

How did we do last year?

Campus Participation Percentage: 78%

Total Funds Awarded to PFE since 2000 from the Humble ISD Education Foundation:


50% of Donations from PFE Staff are Given Back to PFE!!

*Only gifts made through payroll deduction*

What if I already participate in payroll deduction?

You do NOT need to re-enroll this year! :)

Options for Making a Donation

Am I already giving through payroll deduction?

You can view your current Foundation payroll deduction by logging into Munis and following these steps: Select Employee Self Service, in the Paychecks listing you can click details to see the Foundation and amount you are donating. Gifts via payroll deductions will continue from the previous year, or until the employee has submitted the change in deduction form (link is located on the Foundation’s website).

Employee Incentives from the Foundation

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Employees Can Opt Out of Incentives

Donors can opt-out of incentives and in return the Foundation will purchase replenishment school supply packs for Title 1 students (applies to promotional items at $5, $12, and $20 per/pay period)

Re-do the online payroll deduction and choose to opt out of the incentives here.

Campus Team Treats!

Campus Incentives!!!

Award from the Foundation:
  • Treats will be provided for the staff at campuses that have 85% participation or above

Gift from PFE Leadership Team:

  • Teams with 100% participation will have an awesome prize of an hour lunch with their team. [details planned with leadership team]

Tax Deductible?

YES! You will receive a receipt with information about all of your donations at the close of the tax year.

PFE Contact

Jennifer Vandenbrook