geodesic dome plans

geodesic dome plans

Geodesic Living Domes - Doing Even more With Less

5 reasons why a geodesic living dome is a hassle-free and financial option to our contemporary real estate needs:.

Eden biodome revolution are quick to construct; even a very large dome - say, 60' in diameter - can be constructed in a matter of a couple of days. They are deconstructed in half the time, and when dismantled are compact sufficient to fit into the back of a pickup.

Geodesic living domes are built to last; created to manage hurricane-force winds, heavy snow storms and large earthquakes - rest guaranteed - a living dome is an extremely safe place to be when it come to a natural catastrophe. The frame can be custom engineered to satisfy the specific requirements of your neighborhood planning department.

Geodesic living domes are durable; the open-air theater in Elpse, Germany is made from the exact same architectural fabric generally used in dome construction today, and has actually been up since the 70's. The dome is said to be the greatest, most economical, lightweight structure in the world.

Dome construction needs extremely few structure materials and with the right ventilation system energy costs remain reduced, due to the bent interior which allows for ideal air circulation.

The geodesic dome cover is literally a blank canvas which can either be created to discreetly blend in to the background, or to be an attract attention, unique and customized statement.
Buckminster Fuller initially popularized the idea of the "geodesic shelter dome" over 50 years ago, and although Fuller's utopian vision of sustainable real estate has actually not yet been understood, today there are energetic wallets of dome enthusiasts, consisting of both "Off-the-Gridders" - jazzed up by ancient geometry and a Back to Fundamentals way of living - and advancement devotees, inspired by contemporary advances in structural engineering.

Because domes will save you cash. A geodesic living dome will permit you to live "mortgage complimentary", and will also conserve you cash on energy expenses - there are reports that dome owners conserve an average of 30 % on their yearly energy expenditures!

High load-bearing ratings, easy construction, inexpensive per square foot, and simple transportability make the geodesic living dome an attractive option for many people. Is it time to "live outside the box"?