Lincoln Elementary

Staff Weekly Agenda * April 7-11, 14-18

What's Happening?

**Please be sure someone is designated to take minutes at morning meetings.**

Monday, 4/7

  • 8:05 Input Grades
  • 9-11 Melissa at Admin Meeting
  • PAWS Redemption

Tuesday, 4/8

  • 8:05 Balanced Literacy Primary
  • 3:30 Being a Writer Presentation in the Library
  • 6:00 School Board Meeting

Wednesday, 4/9

  • 8:05 HOPE with Principal
  • Classroom Awards
  • PTO Meeting

Thursday, 4/10

  • 8:05 RTI
  • Leading Leopard Celebration, 9:00 in the Media Center

Friday, 4/11

  • 8:05 Treehuggers/Safety/Talent Show/Other-Safety will not meet.

Sunday, 4/13

  • AdvancEd External Team Visits for a Work Session, Schedule To Be Announced

Monday, 4/14

  • AdvancEd External Review Visit
  • 8:05 Input Grades

Tuesday, 4/15

  • AdvancEd External Review Visit
  • AdvancEd Exit Meeting after school

Wednesday, 4/16

  • 8:05 SIP Meeting
  • 5:00 Art Show
  • 6:00 5th Grade Musical "Annie Jr."

Thursday, 4/17

  • 8:05 RTI
  • K-1 Spring Parties

Friday, 4/18

  • Good Friday, no school

Myths of Technology

This links to a blog post entitled Myths of Technology - Don't Talk to Strangers. It's quite appropriate and interesting. It's hard to remember that we are teaching students who live in a world that we did not grow up in. We are accountable for teaching them responsibility in a digital world. If we are not capable of doing so, are we technologically illiterate? I know I have some gaps in my knowledge, which were apparent when I had a student show me how to create a Vine account so I could see something he had posted about another student. It was not my proudest moment, but it was a lesson learned. Please read when you have the chance. It's a quick one.


If you would like to be a part of the PBIS team, please let me know. We need to work together to learn more about this framework. Then we will be able to see how we can have a more consistent way of encouraging positive behavior.

This video is 9 minutes but explains the framework. As I explained at the staff meeting, we are doing part of PBIS with the PAWS, but we have gaps that could make a big impact. Direct lessons, common to all students, about our expectations would be very beneficial.

Please sign up on the sign up sheet on my door if you are interested in being a part of this team.

What is PBIS?

Hanover Central Athletics Dinner Dance

The Hanover Central Athletics Booster Club is holding a Dinner Dance on April 25 at Great Oaks. Cocktails will begin at 6:30 and dinner begins at 7:00. This is a wonderful opportunity to support the Hanover Central athletes. For tickets, please call 708-227-5916. For more information, please see the flyers in the staff lounge.

Volunteer Appreciation Week

This week is the official Volunteer Appreciation Week. We will be having our Volunteer Appreciation breakfast AFTER AdvancEd Accreditation. :) If you have any ideas, please send them my way. Laura has already been thinking and has given me a suggestion to use an owl theme. "Whoo appreciates you?" The theme will be decided by Wednesday so that we can have classes make decorations. I will be sending out a google doc for you to add your volunteer names so that we can send out the invitations. Thank you!


If you haven't looked at Kidblog, it's your lucky day!

First of all, why have your students blog? Readers Notebooks certainly have their place, but, if they write in a notebook, you are the only one to respond. Each student writes one time, and you respond once to each student. If you have 28 students, you write 28 entries, and they only wrote one entry. However, with blogging, you can require students to write their entry and respond to a set number of classmate's entries. They might write 8 times instead of only once.

Here is just one example of a class that uses Kidblog. I will attach the class page, and then a few individual entries. I could go on and on, I love the voice that is heard in the blogs. It is apparent that some of the entries are assigned topics, but some seem to be done by the students on their own. It is authentic writing for an audience. Is it perfect? No. Is it real writing? Yes! Take a look.

If you would like help setting this up, let me know. We have a few classes on KidBlog. If your class is using it, please let me know. I would like to comment on their blogs!

Student Council

Our Student Council is collecting school supplies to donate to a school in Guatemala. The only link I have is a Facebook link. I'm sorry if you do not use Facebook. If you would like information, please ask Katie or Jackie (or a student council member).

March Madness Book Edition

I found this after March, of course, but what a great idea! This is an idea to tuck away and possibly do as a school next year. I can see the students filling out brackets and predicting winners!

Food for Thought

Next year...Recess before Lunch? We implemented this at Joan Martin years ago and it was very successful. Thoughts?