Miele Monthly

May 2016

Classroom Updates

Happy May! With only 31 days left in school my TP friends and I are focused on making the best out of each and every moment!

In Fundations we will have our final unit assessment soon. Over the course of the school year we have mastered Kindergarten skills, practiced 40+ sight words and dabbled in many first grade skills like digraphs. I will continue to teach new concepts like bonus letters to expose them to concepts to come!

During Guided Reading all students will be re-assessed to find their instructional level. I will be moving up their reading levels and selecting books accordingly.

In Writer’s Workshop this month TP students are doing an animal study. At the end of the unit we will have created an entire hard cover book to take home!. In addition, we will do a final writing sample and practice all of the styles of writing we have learned this year. During “writer’s choice” students may choose a narrative, fantasy, How-To booklet, realistic fiction, list, or non-fiction piece.

In Math we will be taking our end-of-year assessment toward the end of the month. We will continue to work on our computation skills, as well as, measurement, polygons, graphing, interpreting data, and more!

The TP Units for the end of the year will be just as exciting! See below for some of our science concepts.

Most importantly, we will continue to develop strong social skills. It is at this time of year that I like to reflect back to September and marvel at how much more independent these youngsters have become! I look forward to seeing all you all in the next 2 months!

Science Corner

April and May are filled with Earth science! In April, we discussed conservation and recycling, as well as, weather, the water cycle and rocks and minerals. (Ask your kids how igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks are formed!)

In May, we will be watching seeds grow and change. We will start our own seed collection, and use it to compare and contrast. We compare the needs and life cycle of a plant to those of animals. Finally, we will study honeybees! You won't believe how busy these bees really are!

It will be so much read, write, and even do math with these science units!

TP Mother's Day

Friday, May 6th, 9:30am

401 South Woods Road


Thank you! I have received all of your RSVP slips! (Sorry- no siblings!)

May Dates to Remember:

May 6: Mother's Day Party 9:30 am

May 7: Vibha's 7th birthday

May 20: Young Author's Day- Daryl Cobb

May 26: Character Education Assembly- Fairness


May 28: Luca's 7th birthday

May 29L NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)

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Character Corner

Over the course of the school year WRS students and staff have been studying the pillars of Character Education. This month we focus on FAIRNESS. Ask your child about each pillar and the activities we have been doing in school!

Enjoy some of the highlights from BRAVE BILLY DAY!!!

Brave Billy Biviano's Fight