The Wickless Sparklers

Team Mantras: We Can! We Will! We are AMAZING!!

Goodbye September

Before we close the door on the first month of our new catalog, ensure you are getting commissions for all your work this month.

Has this month slipped by without touching base with a few customers, take today & tomorrow to reach out to them. A simple text while waiting in the doctor's office, a break at work, waiting to pick up the kiddos or during your child or grandchild's soccer practice, will generate business which turns into you getting paid for your work. That is the great thing about Scentsy/Velata. It fits into anyone's schedule. Know of someone who could use a little extra to help with thier expenses, offer the blessing of Scentsy or Velata.

Can't wait to see what all you accomplish this month.

*Get your orders in early

*Be sure you are at $500 PRV to collect commission on your team

*Check your team to be sure their numbers are where they should be

*Check Shooting Star and Scentsational Start numbers

*Do you have your $150 in so you don't go inactive?

Lets' go SPARKLERS!!! These are the months when amazing things happen! YOU GOT THIS!!!!!

Don't forget to check in on our team page:

and Tonight at 9pm on Facebook, we are having an Opportunity night if you have anyone who is thinking of joining and would like help from us getting them aboard.

Sign onto the team page and come say hi. We miss you!!