Digital Citizenship

Info Tech

Self Image and Identity

Digital Media: Media stored digitally

Digital Citizenship: How you utilize or use digital media.

Does Digital media affect you? If you said yes your correct. Digital Media affects everyone in our generation today wether you know it or not. A majority of teenagers our age watch youtube, online videos or have facebook, twitter, Instagram vine, or some other sort of social media or online chat. On all those websites you must have a good sense of Digital Citizenship. So don't post or write anything that you wouldn't show or tell your grandmother or mother. Only say what you think is right. And always think about the imaging your leaving to others.

Eva's Story - Grade 6 Oops, I broadcast it on the Internet -

Digital Footprint and Reputation

Digital Footprint: Your digital "trail" of anything you do or say online.

Consequences: The result of your action or condition.

Anything you do or say online will never disappear No matter how many times you try to delete or erase it, it'll always be there. Every individual has a digital footprint. So whatever you say online can be seen by anyone at anytime. So say your working for a company in the future and you tweet something derogative towards your boss. The next day you'll get a box from him so you can go clear your desk off because you've been fired. Also many college scouts and recruiters will look at your facebook and twitter or any other online community that your part of. So be aware of what your posting or tweeting, it could determine your future.

Common Sense Media- Digital Footprint Intro

Relationships and Communication

Image: Representation of a person

Double Standard: A double standard is a set of different principles for the same situation.

Do you think that the person you talked to on a chat last night was really who they said they were? Most of the time they really aren't unless you know them personally. A lot of people pretend to be some one else in order to steal identities, information, and private files. But, if you are sure who your talking to is who they say they are, then there are good things about an online relationship. Like for instance if your friend lives far away and they don't have a phone you could message them on facebook. Or if you want to get online and play a online game with your friends. You can even get in a video call and see your friend or relative. So there are pros and cons of online relationships.