Chapter Nine

A view to a death

Summary of Chapter nine

Simon is in the forest and finds a dead man with a parachute . He figures out that the boys were scared of the dead man that is harmless. Meanwhile , Jack tribe are having food and having fun . Jack and piggy go where Jack tribe is and ask for some food before a big storm comes . That when boys see a thing crawling from the forest that they think it the beast but actually it simon. They go after simon without knowing it him and kill him . His body was rolled to the sea.

Main points

  • There is a strong storm coming
  • Simon finds out that there is no beast
  • Jack makes his own group of boys
  • The boys kill simon thinking he was the beast

Chapters changing in chapter nine

Ralph was the main person changing in chapter nine . He was more playful and was not trying to act like a adult . He was not focusing in the fire or the shelters.From a quote from the book in page 147 it shows exactly how he change . "Ralph squirted again and missed . He laughed at piggy, expecting him to retire meekly as usual and in pained silence. Instead, piggy beat the water with his hands . "Stop it " he shouted. D'you hear me ? " The quote above shows how Ralph is more playful with piggy and how he not trying to be the adult .

Video of Simon death

Lord of the Flies 1963: The Deaths of Simon and Piggy