aboriginal perpective

of the first fleet landing

aboriginals was the longest living civilisation in the world

Before the first fleet fleet arrived there was 250 tribes through Australia. Over 1 billion Aboriginal people were living in Australia prior to the First Fleet landing and took over Australia.

The First Fleet sailed into Sydney Harbour on the 25th of January, 1788 or 25.1.1788 for short. The Fleet stood on Australian soil the next day or 26.1.1788. They arrived with 11 ships and 1300 convicts.

When the British arrived the first thing they did was try to know about the Aborignial people, and all they found were paintings of the people dancing together.

the First Fleet also found strange clothing aborignials wear was hard for them to recognise if they were men or woman.

Aovenor Arthur Phillip had his front tooth missing sign of manhood to the Aborignial people. 1 year later later the governor ( Arthur Phillip) returned to Australia with supplies to make buildings for a town and soon the british declared and said Australia was their land.

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