by: Gordon Korman

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Book 1 - Unsinkable

The first book is about 2 friends, Paddy and Daniel, that piss off the wrong people.In order to survive , paddy and Daniel were pickpockets. Soon after getting lots of money paddy tries to spend it and ends up pissing off the Gilhooley family. The Gilhooley family chassises Paddy all over town. In order to get Paddy out of hiding, they go and start killing. Eventually Paddy finds him self on the Titanic and it takes off.
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Book 2- Collision Course

Paddy's secret has been discovered, and now he must travel throughout the ship, hiding from his pursuers. Juliana has learned the terrible reason why her father brought her on his business trip to America, and now she is desperate to escape. Meanwhile, they have discovered that a serial killer is hiding among the Titanic's passengers. Unfortunately, an even worse danger lies ahead.

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Book 3- S.O.S

The Titanic HAS HIT!!! While people rush to get off the sinking ship Paddy and his new found friends get separated. At the start of the series, they had very little in common. Juliana and Sophie are both first class passengers, but come from very different families - Paddy is a stowaway, and Alfie lied about his age to get a job on the ship. Now that the ship has sunk all they can do is wait to be rescued.

Over all Quality of Book

I personally love this book. For me it hard to find books that I actually will read and like reading it, so this was a good book. I like how Gordon Korman separated the book into 3 smaller book 1,2, and 3, because if it was just this 600 paged book that looked huge i would have most likely not read it. Also I like the authors writing style how it flips from one character to another thats really cool in my opinion. Over all I really liked reading "Titanic" it was a good read.