RMS Reading Olympics

April 30, 2015 at Springton Lake Middle School

Congratulations to the RMS Reading Olympics Teams

On April 3oth seven teams from Radnor Middle School competed in the 2015 Delaware County Reading Olympics held at Sprinton Lake Middle School. RMS teams competed with teams from all over Delaware County using their combined knowledge of the books they read to answer questions. At the end of the evening all teams were honored with a ribbon (red, white or blue) based on the number of point scored over the course of three matches.

The following teams received a blue ribbon:
Novels at Night
The Fabulous Fanboys and Brian
Pantomiming Penguins

The following teams received red ribbons:
The Flying Potato Pig Raiders
Death Flames

The following teams received white ribbons
We're All Booked
Banana Squad

A special thanks to the parents who volunteered to cook and serve a delicious dinner to students before Thursday night's competition.

And thank you to the teachers who assisted during the year and with the competition: Mrs. Allocca, Mrs. Caniff, Mr. Canny, Mrs. Conaboy, Ms. Daniels, Ms. Finley, Ms. Foley, Mrs. Horan, Mrs. Kampes, Ms. Luthultz, Mrs. Mault, Mrs. Meakim, Mrs. Reece, Mr. Rendulich, and Ms. Schnieder, Mrs. Tuohey.