Hitler Youth: Chapter 7

The Holocaust Begins

Mentally Handicapped

Children were taught that mentally handicapped patients were worthless and a waste of the government's money. Then, the Euthanasia Program was started. This was a program that made it so doctors could kill mentally and physically disabled people. To do this, doctors had to fill out a report and send it to Reich doctors, where they would put a red cross for euthanasia or a blue minus to spare a life. Parents didn't have a clue what was going on. They were told that their child was going to a special hospital where they died of heart failure or pneumonia. Euthanasia was stopped publicly, but around 100,000 adults and children were killed (secretly, another 200,000 were killed).

SS Einsatzgruppe

The SS Einsatzgruppe came in after the war and dealt with Polish Jews. In their first 6 months, they killed 500,000 people. These men were just ordinary people, who were extra ordinary for the job. At Auschwitz, men were sent to labor camps, while women and children were sent to gas chambers. Many off the SS members became concentration camp guards. Also, if there were was even the slightest infraction by someone at camps, they would get beat, or be killed.


Handicapped: Having a condition the markedly restricts one's ability to function physically, mentally, or socially.

Euthanasia: Painless killing of a patient suffering from a painful disease or in an irreversible coma.