Sugar skulls

Block 1

Shaka Wright

Artist statement...

We are doing Mexican Folk Art in sugar skulls but we are making them our own. The theme I want to pursue is going to be floral with water in a cup. The second will be blue and green. The turtle design over the skull will be black. The turtle will have a of floral designs around it. Like the turtle is just as much of apart of the artwork like the floral is.


My inspiration behind the floral design was, I was born and raised in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It's a place where you go to vacate with many floral flowers, animals. and sites. I will be creating my sculpture with paper mache', water,glue, and of course paint to color the sculpture. The main thing I want to emphasize in my piece is the floral print. With the SeaWorld theme.


We will be using paper mache' and aluminum foil for the base of the skull. There will be on going repetition of the floral print and turtles in my design. This kind of art was made to represent many different Hispanic traditions such as the day at the dead and even Cinco De mayo. This form of art is labeled "Mexican Folk Art".

Sugar Coffins

These molded sugar coffins are actually toys to delight the returning spirits of children on November 1. Pull the string and a smiling calavera skeleton pops out of his coffin!