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Remember us? We are your health coaches at Take Shape for Life. We hope this message finds you well, healthy, and happy. We have been busy taking the message of health and wellness to other doctors and clinics through out the USA. And, well... we miss you! We just wanted to check in and see if your health needs are being met and how we can help if they are not.

The Habits of Health and the 5 and 1 Plan

If it has been awhile since you utilized Medifast then you may be unaware of all the improvements our program has made. First of all, the meal selections have expanded A LOT! New meals such as chocolate chip cookie, macaroni and cheese, and new shakes are available. In addition to this, we have created a website where you can watch us teach a LIVE Habits of Health class every week. This has become an extremely useful tool in helping our patients learn the habits to take and keep the weight off. Live participation is available in these classes which means you can email us questions and we will address them in the class. Please give us a call today to get the link and information on these free and valuable classes. We begin week one of the twelve weeks on March 26th, so don't wait!!

MARCH GIVEAWAY! You must order by the 31st!

If you would like to revisit the 5 and 1 plan, or just like to order food for maintenance ALL orders placed in March that are at least $300 are entered into a fantastic vacation giveaway. We would LOVE it if one you could win this great get away. Someone will- Let it be YOU!
The vacation is an all inclusive four night stay in Cancun. See the Take Shape for Life Facebook page for details.

Discounts available!!!

We would like to encourage everyone who would like to get back to a healthy weight to get started again. If you order a month of food by the end of the month we will put a $25 credit on your account. If you refer a friend to do it with you, we will put $25 toward their order and give you an additional $25 on your order.