The Dragonfly Pool

By: Eva Ibboston

Lost Without A guide

Ellis Sondrup

Period 5

Setting: London 1939

Bergania (fictional)

Devon country side


In the beginning, Tally gets sent to the boarding school Delterton because of World War Two. She soon discovers that Delterton is a wonderful place where self expression and creativity is encouraged. In the middle, Tally organizes a rag tag dance group to go to Bergania where the king of Bergania is assassinated and they meet the prince. In the end. Karil is sent to his grandfather's house and is forced to stay away from his friends. When Karil's grandfather dies, Karil is left in the care of Tally's biology teacher and his friends.

Some of the Main Characters

Some of the Supporting Characters


*= Fictional characters

^= Real characters

Actual Event: World War Two

World War Two started in 1939 when Tally goes to Delterton. The second world war started when Hitler invaded Poland on September 1 and two days later Britain and France declared war. The U.S finally got into the war in December of 1941 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. This war involved virtually every part of the world. This is why it is called the second World War. This war took place during the years of 1939 to 1945. In the year 1945, the war ended when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Japan surrendered. This war was so terrible because of Hitler. He wanted to get rid of anyone who was not a "pure" German. Hitler invaded so many countries and had so many allies that the whole world got involved.

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"I think sending children away like parcels is wicked and wrong."

Page: 15 Paragraph:1

This is a simile because Tally is comparing children to parcels using like.


"The broken goddess fell to the ground."

Page:364 Paragraph:5

This is a metaphor because she is not really broken. The author is comparing something broken to the goddess very strongly without saying like or as.

Figurative Language:


"friendly clatter"

Page: 338 Paragraph:1

This is personification because clatter cannot be friendly. This is giving the human quality of being friendly to a clatter that flows throughout the room.


"every instrument there ever was."

Page: 338 Paragraph:2

This is thought when Karil is at Delerton and is asked what instrument he wants to play. He is so happy to be there, he feels like he could play every single instrument. This is a hyperbole because he cannot possibly learn all of the instruments.

Unfamiliar Vocab:

Pontificating: the office or term of office of a pontiff.

page 342 paragraph 2

Karil was not trying to be annoying, it was just his instinct to pontificate.

Bowels: the inward or interior parts

page 364 paragraph 5

Persephone was trapped in the bowels of the earth trapped by the gods of the underworld.

Barrage: a heavy barrier of artillery fire to protect one's own advancing or retreating troop or to stop the advance of an enemy troop.

page 251 paragraph 3

London had their very own barrage balloons hovering over the city.

Chinks: a crack, cleft, or fissure.

page 278 paragraph 5 & 6

Magda was running down the corridors yelling, "Where are the chinks?"

Deluded: to mislead the mind or judgement of; deceive

page 313 paragraph 1

Karil was acting to be deluded by his friends at Delterton.