Eighth Grade Quest News

January, 2016

The Little Prince Party

First of all, I would like to invite any students who have read and love The Little Prince to attend a Little Prince Party in my room at RMS from 5 to 8 p.m. on Friday, January 22nd.

If you would like to have pizza, let me know in advance that you are coming, and prepare to chip in a little for the pizza. (About $2 a slice?) I'd like to order the pizza that afternoon.

I have received an advanced copy of the movie, and permission to show it.

Dress comfortably (Pajama Party plus robe okay...)

We will discuss the movie afterwards.

Snow Date: February 5th.

Where should I be in my Passion Project?

There is no "should", except for moving forward.

In general, January and February are the big times for continued research.

March and April are creation times.

May is when we put together the presentation.

However...this may differ for some of you.

Make sure to keep attending your conferences and participating on the google doc.

Passion Project Updates

Here are some current highlights!

  • Adam has graduated from flip-books to digital animations!
  • Will has a fantastic story line for his graphic novel and is now working on the illustrations.
  • Caroline's story about a young feminist in Pakistan has included so much research, but also keeps the emotional elements.
  • Megan has met with folks a Independence Manor and is going to begin volunteering there and preparing an Activity Day in the spring.
  • Ethan has reached a point in his cryogenics research where he is now curious about real life possibilities for freeze-ray weapons.
  • Jack C has accumulated a lot of data about body type and sports positions and is now analyzing it scientifically.
  • Amanda and Danielle have shared their musical inspiration through composition.
  • Danny is learning a lot about running a business by managing a team of his friends (many of you) in app development.
  • Radha has explored many neurological problems, from epilepsy to Parkinsons, and how new technology can help out.
  • Ben's excitement about medical nanotechnology has expanded to nanotechnology in foods, and most recently, paper!
  • Holly keeps sharing beautiful nature photos, and analyzing how lighting, angles and focus help give different effects.
  • Michael W and Jonathan are both organizing psychological experiments. I can't tell you the topics, because that might affect the results.
  • Patrick, Jacob and Luke have been so busy preparing for Future Cities. Their tournament is next week and I am so proud of their Japanese city of 2116.
  • Ally is meeting with Mrs. Moffat today, to get the go-ahead for sharing her play about diversity with the elementary school students.
  • Nicole has mapped out her imaginary world, Agiciterradus.
  • Bowie received a Bear Skull for the holidays. He is comparing skulls as part of his research into animal anatomy.
  • Cian and Evan are exploring magnet wheels in perpetual motion.
  • Thomas is exploring different foot maladies and remedies, and Dylan is looking into different foot techniques and their effects on soccer games.
  • Miggles is working on ear training with a Harmonize app, and Jack is getting ready to share some music for School Buzz episodes.
  • Izzy wrote a plan for her Disney Middle School parody, and is now getting started on some of the songs.
  • Jake is getting ready to interview veterans. He is curious about how their treatment has changed over the years.
  • Maya is putting together her documentary on Jane Goodall.

Some Sample Student Work

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