**~The Reformation~**

~What Was The Change?~

The teachings of the Christian Catholic Church where becomeing very fradulent because of the pope.The people who saw what was happening and tryed to change it were Martin luther,Guttenburg and the Protestants.What martin luther and guttenburg was trying to do was restore/"Reform" the Cathloic church and tell people the real teaching's of the bible.

~Who Were The People Associated With The Change?~

  • Gutenburg
  • Martin Luther
  • King Henry VIII
  • Jesuits
  • Protestants

~How Did The Change Impact Society At The Time~

People were questioning the church because all of a sudden they hear about a person named Guttenburg telling them whats wrong with the Cathloic Church and what should change.Guttenburg later dies but has a follower that listened to him at a young age named, Martin Luther.Martin began to start where Guttenburg left off by preaching to them about the popes wrongful teachings.This eventually led to people beliveing that the church was being corrupted .Then Became a group of Protestants.Protestants are a group of people who are against the pope.Martin luther was able to attract people like this because of what he made called the"95 theses",witch was 95 things that he thought was wrong about the catholic church.This is really what began "The Counter Reformation".

~"The Counter Reformation"~

"The Counter Reformation" is what Guttenburg and Martin Luther Felt was right and had to happen.The Catholic Church didnt act upon it so fast by luthers acts.People wanted answers from the church,"The Council of Trent" was how the church responded with answers to the problems that made The Reformation blow up.This lasted from 1545-1563 (on and off)

The English Reformation

Henry VIII

Martin Luther Speaks

~How Is That Change Seen In Today's Modern Society?~

The Reformation/Counter Reformation made an impact on today's world by simply helping the Catholic church by getting rid of people who tryed to ruin it and renewing the church from within and out. There also were important people who worked hard to show people whats right and let them know that the things they were doing wasn't from the bible.