Information before you visit China

Kublai Khan

Have you ever wondered who was important to the Chinese society? Kublai Khan was very important to the Chinese society. The grandson Kublai Khan completed the quest of the raids. Kublai tried hard to win support for the populace. He gave his chinese ancestors names. Kublai built the capital of china which is present day Beijing. He held great power until his death, then the kingdom fell apart. The Yuan Dynasty then took over the capital. To conclude, Kublai Khan was very important in the Chinese Society.

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Xia Dynasty

One of the Dynasties in China was the Xia Dynasty. First dynasty of China. The Dynasty lasted about 500 years. Qi took over and had 15 kids. The Dynasty had multiple emperors. Over time, the Xia dynasty turned into the Shang dynasty. As the time went on, The Kingdom grew stronger. To conclude, the Xia Dynasty was the one part that created China.
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China has one of the biggest city, Shanghai. It is the biggest city in China. The city created a unique culture. Some ancient buildings are still there from the 1920’s. There aren’t many tour attractions, even though it is a big city. There are many buildings with many lights so it lights up the city. Also, these attractions will be the time of your life. Finally, going to the biggest city in China will be very busy.

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Hong Kong

Have you ever been to one of the most gorgeous cities of all time? It has amazing beaches and sights. Hong Kong has a shopping paradise. It is very relaxing and refreshing because of the beaches. One of the reasons that people go to Hong Kong is because of the street fashion factory. The tours are tour friendly. Even though there are sharks and other dangerous creatures, the tours have been successful round trip. To conclude, you will be in paradise once you reach Hong Kong.
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This Majestic beauty has a glorious sight. It has 4 attractions. The attractions reach up to 5,800 feet above sea level. You would be really high and make sure that you have someone else there with you. River is a hiking trail that you should always do. The Yellow Mountains has a glorious mountain view when on the top of the mountain. This cultural feature could give you butterflies in your stomach.


Do you know who made honey? One of the president of the U.S. Nixon, was inspired, Guilin's picturesque natural scenery. This a place for backpackers. Easy going atmosphere. Guilin City is in the center of two tourist honey pots. This has the most beautiful places on Earth. Natural scenery is a very cool place.
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Scenes of Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)


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